Introduction to Horse Exposure’s blog!

As this is my very first post to this new horse blog I thought it would be most appropriate to first introduce myself. Hi, my name is Shawn and I have started this blog for horse enthusiasts because I want to add to the world of horse knowledge and hope that my posts are a valuable source of information that benefit as many horse enthusiasts as possible. My posts are things that have really taking place, and are not some theoretical solution.  I also have started a new amazing online horse classifieds which having a blog goes nicely with it.  The online horse classifieds is called “Horse Exposure.Com”. It is launching December 15, 2008.  Horse Exposure is not your ordinary classifieds so I suggest you have a look and try it out!  You can read more about on my blog.

Before I go any further, I want you to know that I am a real horse enthusiast working to make a positive difference in the equine community through this blog and by providing the best online horse classified, Horse Exposure.Com for fellow equestrians nationwide.  I want to encourage any comments or feedback as I’m always interested in new ideas and your thoughts.  I am planning on making simple, easy to read, and to the point posts at least 2-3 times per month.     

As a third generation performance horse rider I have acquired a significant amount of horse knowledge from: my family, my ownership of horses, training, horse care, and showing a variety of breeds of horses. My knowledge is made up from compiling several different thoughts, theories, & principles of many horse trainers I have encountered. I do enjoy, and would like to share my knowledge that I have gained from my own experimenting (cuts, scrapes, bumps & bruises), countless hours in the saddle, showing performance horses, and from many professional trainers and pass it on to as many riders as possible. The principles I tend to follow and share are what have worked successfully and repeatedly for me. They are not a technique of my very own, but gathered techniques I have learned & practiced throughout my thirty plus years of riding, which resulted into creating my approach. Please understand that even after being fortunate enough to be born into the equestrian world and riding all of my life, I still train under various professional horse trainers to continue learning even more.

That is all for now because I have some horses to go take care of!